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    LED Water Ripple Crystal Lamp

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    1. A unique water ripple structure plus rotatable mode, so the light reflected on the wall creating a soft water flow, our design   creates a mesmerizing effect that will transform your room and help you to relax.  
    2. Crystal lampshade very smooth edge line, It shines like a diamond without losing its special 3D technology.
    3. Water ripple driven by internal rotating light plate. The refraction of the light through the crystal lamp is bright and colorful, very stylish.
    4. Equipped with USB charging cable for easy charging. Also  comes with a remote control, you can turn it on/off freely, adjust the brightness, and change the lighting mode. You can also connect to you phone, Use iStrip+ to unlock special lighting effects. 
    5. This table lamp also has multiple light colors temperature, intimate and convenient, delicate and comfortable, natural and soft.
    6.  The perfect gift for Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day or anyone who want to light up their space.

    Product Information:
    Model: Water ripple small night light
    Power: 5W and below
    Color classification: monochrome warm light [plug in type] tricolor dimming - adjustable brightness [plug in type] 16 color dimming - remote control switch [plug in type]
    Voltage: ≤ 36V (included)
    Light source type: LED lamp

    Packing List:
    Nightlight+data cable+instructions * 1