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    Electric Vacuum Cupping Massage Body Cups

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    Indulge in relaxation and pain relief with our Electric Vacuum Cupping Massage Body Cups. Dynamic functions promote circulation, relieve fatigue, and offer customizable massage with adjustable settings. Experience rejuvenation with ease.


    Product Overview: 

    • Integrates three functions: negative pressure cupping, scraping, and massage
      • Dynamic breathing cupping with real-time adjustment of vacuum negative pressure
    • Promotes blood circulation, relieves fatigue and pain, improves immunity, and relaxes muscles
    • Two modes available: deep negative pressure mode and soothing breathing mode
      • 6/9 levels of negative pressure and red light heating
    • Includes a 20-minute timer function to prevent excessive scraping and cupping damage
    • LED/LCD display screen and four independent buttons for easy control